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  1. posting because I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and am getting excited A Mishimoto silicone intake boot arrived last night. I dont like all these logos so I have removed most of them with some brake cleaner and a rag. The funny thing about this intake boot. it comes in the most over the top and expensive looking full-color printed, oversized, and heavy plastic bag. THE BAG IS RESEALABLE, WHY WOULD I NEED TO RESEAL THE BAG The "M" logos on the boot seem to be placed to cover up flaws in the mold they use which is comical but I cant blame them for trying to pull that off. The surface and radii inside are very nice and smooth though. I am happy with it. I have the 1 connector for the ICV but will need to get a plug of some sort for the ASC port. Does anyone know if there is a factory plug or what people use for this? I have shopped around the different reman. and new master cylinders available and compared brands. A new Dorman master cylinder appears to be what I will end up with once I replenish my paypal account. I think I will go with the StopTech Street Performance Brake Pads this time around (good riddance Metalmasters)
  2. what does the cylinder 5 spark plug look like compared to the others? I would be interested to see if by chance the o2 sensor connectors for bank 1 and 2 could have been mistakenly switched. I am not sure if wiring lengths and locations would allow that to be possible or not.
  3. Wish this was around a few months ago, could have saved me from having to do it myself
  4. Bastards.
  5. Update Today I will be receiving my Spal fan, control arms, a non Uro brand ICV hose and a couple other small bits. A silicone intake boot is on its way and Mitch has the fuel hoses under the intake that I need to get those connections finished. What I have left to order is an new brake master cylinder (just because), and oil distribution block for my oil pressure sender, water temp gauge (to replace my vacant boost gauge spot), new front sway bar links since AFAIK they are original. I never upgraded them when I replaced the sway bars since I wanted to do it right with the correct length/adjustable links. I also plan on overhauling the brakes since these ones are on year 7 (a couple years of not driving of course -___-) aaaand last but not least, re-welding the shift linkage that I rotated the wrong direction, installing the driveshaft, welding in the skid plate and finishing the exhaust system. This involves fitting a y-pipe with an o2 bung installed, adding a 2nd resonator, and finishing the connection over the subframe to the muffler. Thanksgiving weekend I will attempt first startup in all its open header oxygen sensorless glory. There's no reason it shouldn't just fire right up apart from the fact that the whole thing has been tampered with. Early January still looks good for a maiden voyage so long as there is a day with dry roads not plastered with salt dust. PS: Don't "like" this post. there is nothing exciting about it.
  6. i kick you too, that thing was awesome! I wanted it quite badly when it was for sale. Are you in the Green Bay area or in the Greenfield area? I remember it being for sale in Green Bay and remember seeing it drive around around Greenfield.
  7. 100% agreed on E30 prices being on crack 100% agreed on that white vert in madison being a solid deal $11,000 seems to be the cost of entry for an E30 with an M50B32, sorry, i meant S52. Im still salty because I couldnt find a decent S52 for less than $2000 during a few months of thorough searching. The best one i found had lower (140) compression on 2 cylinders for $2300. Most of all im saltiest that clownshoe prices are on fentanyl and bath salts and i will never be able to justify buying one.
  8. bumpsters
  9. sold a few items, dropped prices on the rest. I know someone could use some solid engine mounts Lurkers, click that PM button!
  10. Price cut I think they would look pretty cool sandblasted, polished, and hanging on the wall of the garage so if they arent gone this week I may nail them up on the wall
  11. nope, gotta test it at a chick-fil-a drive thru or it doesnt count. are you checking it with a temp gun?
  12. This is a pretty great comparison I found for my infiniti (VQ35) to show how not all high quality synthetic oils are created equal/how some oils should be used with a particular engine and others probably shouldnt
  13. 1) park car outside 2) get in cold car 3) assume the washer fluid can cut through the frosty windshield 4) frantically switch wipers off because your precious wiper blades are being wrecked by chunks of ice 5) watch wipers go through another cycle or two and not trust that they are turned off 6) try to turn wipers off again 7) realize they were off the first time you tried 8) watch the wipers get wrecked for another 4 or 5 cycles 9) post about it on local forum