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  1. chit chat thread

    Public Service Announcement: When somebody sneezes, don't say "Bless you!" It makes absolutely no sense and until the bubonic plague returns, we as a society need to eliminate it.
  2. Alpine e30 progress/build thread

    This car is very clean underneath! let me know if you need help at any point Do you know what the main differences between the aluminum M52TU and M54 are besides displacement? From the little info I have they seem to be pretty much the same thing except for the fact that the M52TU appears to be limited in terms of power adders
  3. BMW Sienna 2.5i build

    This is hilariously awesome! So your wife doesnt mind a manual trans? Please show up to the E30 picnic with a kidney grille ziptied on the front. The spectators and organizers will say "great another dickbag in a BMW Sienna this year" and then you can steal the show when you pop the hood.
  4. Lifted E30 V2

    It takes a while to realize the possibilities you have once you own a temp gun
  5. chit chat thread

    Hows about turning the license plate lights into night lights with a photo sensor to turn them on automatically
  6. M52 Swap Time

    As a follow-up to the post about the exhaust fab, here is the Y-pipe with reducers, flex pipe, O2 bung, and V-band flange welded on Its a start!
  7. Steelblue E36 Build Thread

    Steve Dicks Sounds exciting!
  8. I need the plug that connects to the brake light switch and a few inches of wire off an E30, E36, E28, or E34
  9. M52 Swap Time

    I hate this E21 brake booster. It sits closer to the firewall than stock and as i went to attach the clutch feed hose at the reservoir and start bleeding the system, i realized the clutch feed hose is slightly pinched behind the booster where it comes through the firewall. As i loosened the brake booster to see what other angles i might try routing the hose, one of the studs on the interior side of the booster started spinning. I used blue loctite on the nut during install and I think that is a contributing factor. Regardless, the studs shouldnt be this prone to spinning.... I dont have a solution for that yet and I dont know if theres enough room to cut the nut off with a dremel like i had to do for the brake master cylinder mounting nut. I ordered 3 feet of new clutch MC feed hose and im going to route the hose through the firewall through a rubber blank near the strut tower. The clutch MC feed hose is old anyways. The pedal area just isnt anyones favorite place to wrench. I made some minuscule progress in other areas but its not worth mentioning. I replaced the belts and noisy idlers on my nissan flagship sedan so at least there was that success
  10. Chapter GMW | E30 LS1 (starting on post #1427)

    Behling is my new Go-to instead of Pegasus (fast cars, slow service) What about just spraying some clear spray paint on the lines? I am a rust-o-phobe. You dont have to humor me, I just cry at bare metal
  11. Chapter GMW | E30 LS1 (starting on post #1427)

    I want to weld a 1/4" thick plate to my jack points so i dont feel as bad about things Looks good man! Does the LS require larger fuel lines? I can now gladly say that i have now seen one of those 135 degree bend AN fittings in use. Are the lines aluminum? I wouldnt think steel would be uncoated.
  12. 2.1 high boost m10

    paging @Jeff who just dealt with this predicament on his M50B32 build.
  13. 2.1 high boost m10

    I will never boost another engine with stock pistons. With very old used pistons you start off right away at a disadvantage being that the ringlands have been cycled and are closer to fatigue failure than new (as you know, aluminum doesn’t have an endurance limit) Get some forged pistons and you can specify all the parameters you want to.