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  1. Golf tee mod first
  2. There are a lot of variables in play so dont think too much of it until you clear adaptations and try again. Cyl 6 may have a good plug, good injector, but may be misfiring because of the extra lean/extra rich fuel trim on bank 2. It would be best to send the injectors out for rebuild for peace of mind. I had a good experience and turnaround with Injector Rehab.
  3. Misfire makes sense as your bank 1 and bank 2 fuel trims dont "match" the injectors. Reset the ecu/adaptations and check the codes again just to be sure.
  4. Glad to see you get to be out enjoying your car! If your car handled this weekends heat then its in good shape I put 2 miles on my e30 this year [emoji16]
  5. No, but I can sell you them for $500 if you want me to
  7. That is the ideal scenario but we stand a better chance of getting bombed by North Korea in the next 3 weeks than we have of me finishing this car in time.
  8. Chicagomobile?
  9. I win! Both cams torqued! No more helicoils!
  10. Sleepers are awesome! They have done well with that car
  11. great choice! where do you get your LEDs from? I have used in the past. I'm guessing the heat sinks are for the fogs. I installed some without heat sinks and they are about as bright as the crappy stock halogens but the light is scattered all over the place. I see the tops of the trees in my neighborhood get darker when I turn my fogs off. I guess the trees are foggy.
  12. Amazing that he was able to seal off or relocate the electrical bits. Looks like a riot!
  14. What ratio did you get
  15. Help me understand the speed sensor situation. You have an E36 speedometer and would assume that is being driven from the E36 VSS in the diff. So where is this particular speed sensor you replaced and what is its purpose?