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  1. Wow, the prices on those sure went up!
  2. I had some pretty bad hard lines in the rear of the car, but with that being said the pedal feel is largely improved as there is very little squish in the pedal. I think it is was a worthy upgrade and would certainly recommend it to a friend.
  3. I've also been trying to figure out what it could be... What's a temp gun?
  4. But Officer, it does have a hood!
  5. Full fluid flush was done with DOT4 after making the rear lines and swapping all of the soft lines to braided stainless.
  6. Centric (StopTech) High carbon rotors ordered, along with a full set of Hawk HPS pads. I know it will be miles better than whatever is on the car now!
  7. I have two aluminum Bosch style bypass valves
  8. Don't sweat it lol I was irritating him with how much I looked forward to it being up and running, as there are so many things that you can do with it!
  9. Might I suggest finding an M52? I was very pleased with the amount of power that it delivered and they should be a bit easier to find. If you wish for more power buy @KaiserRolls supercharger for it! 2GR looks cool, but like you said gets you right back into the complications of fitting a different motor in the car that wasn't intended to be there.
  10. It looks so funny popped up and tipped forward!
  11. I'm all for priming oil but what is the reason behind idling it for a combined 47 minutes? Are these engines prone to air bubbles trapped in the oil?
  12. I'll have to see if Eric caught one when I was giving him a ride. Got the old starter out last night and the new one in there, the new one had threaded holes in it and that seemed like it may have made it a bit easier. I'm looking forward to not needing someone armed with a screwdriver to start my car! While the car is in the air I will be installing my electronic boost controller so I can run my desired 16psi (currently at 13.7) and be able to do a bit more with megasquirt if I choose to do so. I will also be adding the E fan back to the corner of the radiator for the time being until I get a large and very thin pusher for between the radiator and intercooler. I ordered a muffler for the car as I am getting a bit tired of how loud it is and will be getting that installed next week by the guy that made my exhaust. The muffler is a straight through design so it shouldn't it quiet it down too much but I'm hoping it will remove some of the drone when cruising. I am also thinking about running the BOV's in a recirc configuration as those are also extremely loud. I may also try piping their outlets down towards the ground and see if that helps before going recirc.
  13. It's like having another version of my self talking about it! Hey, drinking beer is an important part of summer!
  14. Man, finding good motors seems to be tough for sure! All of you guys posting compression numbers makes me feel like I should check mine and post my numbers for some good karma, or to find out if all of the bad compression numbers will seep into my engine via the internet superhighway and break one of my rings. The hunt continues! How much of a rebuild were you thinking of doing to the motor when you get it?
  15. Something tells me that I shouldn't check the compression on my engine. It's probably from Jeff and Snap....