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  1. This is amazing lol. I have many reasons to not leave the exhaust as is, but it is hilarious and awesome to watch.
  2. So this finally happened! My radiator hoses are not great, they are spliced together out of two different hoses both top and bottom. I also don't have power steering yet because the mounting stuff is different, but driving it without power steering is surprisingly okay. So I need to figure out what I want to do there. I'll also probably order the real radiator hoses, and need to get a late model expansion tank in the car because the current one is sketchy at best! The clutch is also slightly odd, it was an e46 setup, and I'm not quite sure what's going on. In short, it's got kinks yet, but I got to do fun stuff.
  3. Is that one quite a bit longer than the "BMW" replacement? I'm coming from the side of the head (weird, right?) and it angles up fairly steep so I need plenty o' length to get back to the radiator. I'll have to check that one out though! @jc43089 sounds a bit rich for this cars blood lol. I'll keep it in mind if I don't find one at the junkyard or something.
  4. The lower hose from an E34(?) fits to a late model radiator! I need to trim it shorter than stock to get that little kink out of it, but it will work just fine. The upper hose will either be two stock hoses pieced together, one random find from the parts store, or a flex hose (last resort) I need to get an expansion tank for the drivers side as the old style expansion tank would get melted by the turbo. If anyone has one laying around I would certainly like to talk! Drove it about 3 feet last night, so that's a thing.
  5. Haha, all the cool kids are doing it! It's looking like I need an elbow connector to make the bend so I don't hit the hood, but that will be heading over to the brake booster. Roof tent is tricky, because I was hoping to get some bike mounts on the roof basket, so I would have to get creative on space. I was going to comment that it's been moving at a snails pace, but it has only been 2 weeks and a couple of days since I picked up the motor. Hoping to drive it this weekend! Even if it is only down the road and back!
  6. Roof rack and shovel will be added down the road! They did not come intercooled from factory Those bush winches are sweet, I'll have to see what kind of spacing would work with the current wheels as the lugs sit fairly deep in there. Just ordered a water pump. Oreilly auto never ceases to amaze. BMW pump was $175 and coming from overseas (5-8weeks), ECS had some weird brand for $65 with a week or so lead time, Oreilly will have one here Saturday for $37 and has a lifetime warranty.
  7. Holy crap, you are really digging into this thing! Looks like you're doing good work, keep up the pace and you'll be done sooner than anyone else here!
  8. Partly true, partly a deceiving angle. There is no distributor on the front of the engine so that helps. The power steering pump sits almost in the core support, as I believe the M20 one does, so that area is all the same. I thought I was getting away from this boost life, but that didn't work I will need to stuff an intercooler, and oil cooler, and the radiator all in the front of the car again. But this time I have to be more careful with placement so things don't end up impaled!
  9. As promised, the installed picture. It looks odd for some reason. Maybe because everything looks old? Worked on the glow plug harness last night. I had been browsing the ETM and noticed that in the stock harness there was an 80a fuse for the plugs, and realized my wimpy 30a relay wasn't going to cut it. So I ordered this! Normal size relay for scale. (I know, not a banana...) I figured that, along with some 4ga cable running to the battery should do the trick. I took all of the individual wires (after stripping them out of the e28 harness) and ran them through the motor and then connected them all together to one terminal. I put the relay on the firewall for now, don't know if I will bother moving it because it's a decent spot to begin with. Wired up the solenoid for the relay and I was in business! Bolted the turbo down, which required taking the EGR valve back off (irritating process), and bolted up the feed and drain line for the turbo. I mocked up a quick exhaust by taking part of the old exhaust and welding two washers to it, I don't feel great about it, but I feel better about it than dying from the exhaust filling the cabin. The turbo outlet points straight at the wiring harness pass through on the passenger side, which I will need to plug, but for now the elbow took care of the major problem. As promised. I think I still have air in one injector line, so I'll have to bleed those again. I also don't know about the turbo, it has a tight spot when it spins, so something may have been actually messed up before rebuilding it, not sure if the shaft is too scored or something. There is a used turbo for it on ebay that was stated to have no shaft play so I may just buy that for $150. Next step is coming up with an alternator mount and getting a belt for it. The water pump (need a new one) is in a different spot from an m20 and results in a longer belt. The alternator "should" also be different, but I think I can make the m20 one work. The mounting for this stuff is all different. You can see that the alternator mounts into that slide bracket deal, and sits up higher. I'll likely slot a piece of metal and make it a manual adjustment, as the stock setup would require a new alternator (need to verify that) and waiting 6 weeks for the bracket to come from Germany (according to ECS). Overall last night was quite fruitful!
  10. I'll have to double check the harness I have laying around, but I don't think I've ever seen a resistor in the injector wiring. In regard to your throttle bodies, I'm not sure how to connect the throttle cable to those, I believe those types used a ball end instead of the kind you are used to.
  11. You'll realize it when you start shooting bits of paper out of the exhaust. Not that I would know....
  12. It is pretty simple which is nice, but the whole thing wont work if there is air in the fuel system. It's been a messy process trying to get air out of everything, and I'm pretty sure I am not done working at that. I'm pretty sure I get to re-bleed the injector lines again, when I opened the back of the pump fuel came out and I doubt I cleared all the bubbles when I filled it. I hope to have it running in the car before the weekend!
  13. Ahh, you have an M52 Throttle body. I have no idea how to do that, or if it works with that cable. The e34 cable is a direct plug and play with the OBD1 throttle bodies. From looking at the throttle body it looks like some modifications will need to happen to the cable.
  14. Got some stoof done this weekend! Converted the fuel system from feeding fuel to feeding diesel. I took the foam out of the bottom of the fuel cell, time will tell if that was a good move or not. There was a surprising amount of crap in the bottom of the cell, including some sort of mfg. leftovers! I enjoy the color of diesel Took out the fuel pump and such from the trunk, and it leaves me with a comically small amount of stuff. The weird part to me at this point is that there is no fuel pressure in any of the chassis lines anymore, only in the injector hard lines. It makes my life easier for sure! I re-timed the motor and fuel pump as I noticed when switching the timing belt that the crank was not at tdc when everything else was. Brett suggested leaving it that way for the first startup due to potential pump timing issues, and I cleaned up all timing elements. This is how you read the engine timing. It threads into the back of the pump, and you rotate the motor until you get the highest reading, zero the dial indicator, rotate to tdc again and measure the offset. The timing was a touch too aggressive so I brought it down a little bit, to what most people use as performance timing for the motor. Sadly the cam isn't in great shape, quite scored where it rides. I find the vacuum pump kind of cool, as it bolts up to the cam and rides on an extra lobe. A overall shot for you m20 guys. Also found that the starter and flywheel were not playing nice together! There was a lot of metal shavings on the bottom of the bell housing, but it looks like the problem resolved itself so I may just go with it. Starter doesn't show signs of wear. I guess I didn't take a picture, but I got the motor back in the car and have it all bolted up.
  15. I personally have never had issues with old gas, but I wouldn't rule it out. Is your ground coming out of the injector harness "box" good? Easy enough to crack that case open and check the wiring at the injectors. Double check to make sure the plugs are all seated on the injectors, sometimes those can be a bit finicky. What spark plugs are you using? Glad it's running! I also like your throttle cable!