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  1. Need an engine harness for an E30 325e! If you have one please let me know!
  2. My own g260 based swap and a few others I have done never had any tom foolery done with distances or spacers or things and I never noticed anything going on with the clutch. Stop worrying so much about things (except for reverse thread bolts) and get this thing in your car!
  3. Airbag cars are different
  4. I can vouch for his qualifications in this area. 10/10 would recommend
  5. There is a chrome hot fix that somehow dodges the issue. Just an FYI
  6. This is very good to know! Thanks!
  7. Well, it was frustrating as hell while it lasted. I had reworked a few things after realizing that my main ground wire was nearing 300 degrees, and this helped clear up some of the timing issues I think I was having. I went out for a cruise and it felt smoother after the car warmed up, but I was still getting breakup and I held it for a second then it reeked of oil. Took it back to the shop knowing what was going on. Confirmed it when I pulled out the coil packs and had fresh oil in the plug wells. She done. Turbo setup is accounted for and will not be returning to anything I own. Started tearing it apart right away, and will be throwing rings at it again and just running it NA.
  8. I enjoy coming to this thread and seeing updates! Keep up the good work!
  9. Best of luck good sir!
  10. Did you have the oil pan on for this?
  11. Should be able to use the narrow band output on the AFR gauge Saves you some hassle and another sensor
  12. I'll bring a spare cv and the tools to change it. Either you or I will end up needing it XD
  13. Haha! I felt like kind of a knob for doing that, but I figured you would enjoy it! If you ever need a hand with 24v stuff, or e30 stuff in general you have my number, don't be afraid to hit me up! I'm sure you will quite enjoy the s52 Hoping to have it done over winter?
  14. I just realized the username on this thread lol. I'm glad to see I was able to (along with the internet I'm sure) convince you to go 24v right away! This is an excellent motor to do it with as well!
  15. $16/wheel is only if you buy tires through them. Given you can order from Discount Tire Direct and have Discount Tire mount for the $16/ea. Discount Tire Direct has been my source for tires lately as they do darn good pricing and free shipping.