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  1. ....and so it begins, project Turtle Farts.

    Did you pay with paypal? If you didn't send it as a gift you are covered. Sucks that people can't be trusted though. Who is doing the painting?
  2. Lifted E30 V2

    Coolant leak confirmed I already bought the heater core so now it's just a matter of swapping it. Pulled out the fuel injectors and removed the fuel hardlines running to them. I had soaked them for a few days in PB so pulling them wasn't too scary, it certainly wasn't that fun though! Worked on pulling the fuel pump out, took the pulley off the front, disconnected the throttle, fuel line, thermostat, and the bolts that hold the rotation of the pump. It didn't want to move so I called it a day and looked at the manual to see how it comes out. There are 3 bolts hiding that I need to take out and it should be free! I finished up the cab lights as well. Completely hidden, and come on with the key. I'm pleased with the way they turned out! "New" injectors will be here tomorrow, and will be taken to a local shop to be tested/cleaned. Fuel pump seal kit should be here this week, and will tear the pump down a bit to get the new seals in and then back together it goes! I want to get the heater core swapped out while the motor is down. I ordered some couplers to get the intercooler in there as well. I'm quite excited to see how it feels with clean injectors and an intercooler. Should start scooting pretty well!
  3. Steelblue E36 Build Thread

    But El Snapo! Who doesn't love black lung!?!
  4. Lifted E30 V2

    Nope, as stated somewhere earlier that is all diesel leaking from the fuel pump. I pulled the fuel feed line off of it yesterday so hopefully it will stop soon.
  5. Lifted E30 V2

    Oh, my coolant expansion tank is dry now. Gotta find where that is going. Assuming heater core yet, need to swap that out.
  6. the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    The tank I bought from Advanced Auto either had that crossover pipe already installed, or somehow didn't have one (doubtful) I'll see if I can find pictures. It was sub $200 to get it to my door.
  7. Lifted E30 V2

    15 holes in the roof later... Test fitting and marking more holes Added a wire to get them running without buttoning the whole car back up. I'm extremely pleased with how they turned out! Dave, you will be getting a message from me! Thanks for the help on that, didn't know you were still lurking on this thread!
  8. I'm glad to see he replaced both the coils AND the wires. Most people don't replace the wiring harness
  9. Lifted E30 V2

    I remember trying to pull a mirror out of a shell before and it didn't want to move. It is spring loaded pins that push into the chassis and apparently you can just wiggle and pull.
  10. Shop Life 2.0

    Just wanted to drop by and say hello.
  11. Lifted E30 V2

    I don't know if it's the dealer, they have no issue ordering them for me but when the request goes to BMW over in Germany they are saying it is illegal to send that item here. Usually only happens with Euro only stuff, but I may go there today and see what the heck is going on. It is a US part, so it getting denied is not logical. Those are the nozzles Snap, I'm really hoping I don't get to that point. Dude guy is shipping the new injectors today so I'm going to call and see how much testing / adjusting them will cost, and if the cost is low I will have them cleaned and inspected. If the cost of the shop is too high I will just buy the stuff and do it myself. Fuel pump is still dumping fuel and I found that seal kits cost about $15 so I ordered on of those as well. While I have all of the injectors out I may as well pull the fuel pump too and reseal that. As for my $20 purchase... I got the middle ones all drilled and mounted, but need to do the outside ones yet. I have issues with not doing things properly so I learned how to take apart the sunroof stuff and get to the roof! I look forward to wiring them up and putting everything back together! I will be wiring them to the running lights to they are pretty much always on. I looked inside the intake manifold after pulling it and I think I need to do some cleaning! I'm glad to finally have injectors that aren't garbage on the way, and I feel like I'm digging myself out of the hole that this motor has been putting me in! Next step will be to get the intercooler in place and piped! Ordered some couplers to make that happen, but I'm not sure if I will be sticking with the stock intake manifold for this part. Until next time!
  12. Lifted E30 V2

    Dealership called today and told me the injector crush washers that I ordered were denied because they were illegal to bring into the US. They exist on US spec E28 524TD's...... what the hell BMW. Oh, but in good news they are sending me the EURO ONLY 324TD alternator bracket that I asked about....................................... I'm so confused. Note on the alternator bracket, it was like $60 anywhere I could find it online (after shipping that takes 1+ months), dealership is getting it in a week or so for $13. Not bad.
  13. Steelblue E36 Build Thread

    Parts store rattle can primer is not what you want to be prepping something with unless you plan on using a rattle can to spray the bumper itself. You can still use a rattle can (not optimal), but you need to get a two part epoxy primer ($20 for single use can, available at most paint shops) if you want to have any chance of them not priming it again, the prep work is what makes the paint job so don't be afraid to pay someone else for their knowledge and experience. See below for my qualifications I learned a lot, and it was a ton of prep work. Okay maybe I miss the car a bit guys...
  14. Suspenceful's 2008 BSM 135i build thread!

    I would strongly suggest making a heat shield for those ignition wires, maybe even as far as wrapping them with something as well. That's critical wiring and you don't want resistance variation due to temperature variances. Ask me how I know . Glad to see it's running! I look forward to seeing the rest buttoned up!
  15. Lifted E30 V2

    I spent $20 on something completely pointless that I'm excited to get on the car. Other than that I blocked off the overboost valve on the intake manifold, didn't know it was a thing, but it is. Now I can not be dumping air out of that port when trying to go above stock boost levels.