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  1. That facebook post is certainly scary!
  2. This is amusing to me. I also fear for the condition of the motor slightly lol
  3. Not sure if it's too late to cancel your order, but if you want to save another $70 here ya go. The dual rebate is quite nice, and they have free shipping. Use their online chat to get them ordered, they are getting more in soon, so I would assume you can get that size. They are stellar tires for sure!
  4. I was wondering if those were the right plugs and forgot to ask you about it. If you wanna check that would be cool. The "new" harness had a square c101, and the chassis is a round c101, and the control style is very different between the two so converting it isn't super fun. There is a longer story to it, but not worth typing. Yep, that's etched into the glass now lol
  5. I may drive it frequently, but I don't think it will see daily duty. If I wanted to daily it I would need to work on the blower motor situation, as it only works on high, and sounds terrible while doing it.
  6. Got this rolled into the shop Friday night, and got back at it! I was going to swap out wiring harnesses because I picked up a harness from another car, but after pulling the old one out and putting the new one in I realized all that was doing was adding more variables to the equation, and that's not what I needed! I put the old harness back in after cleaning up the contacts and grounds and figured I would start at square one. To my surprise it ran like it always used to, poorly, but running. I was quite excited! I swapped in a set of projectors up front, and with the help of Mr. Mike got the relays jumped around so that I can run low beams, high beams, and the "offroad lights" which are wired up to the existing fog-light circuitry. I just need to get pigtails to connect to the 9005/9006 bulbs. My most immediate goals are to level the car out (spacing the front subframe down 1.5") and to get some rear flares figured out. The front subframe work is going to be an amusing one, as I will be keeping the motor in the same position relative to the chassis. After doing that I will start on a new skid plate and bash bar. The ditches are trembling already...
  7. I think I'll keep this one secret lol. Never mentioned that it was boosted or anything of the sort.
  8. This is coming back in the shop! Going to be replacing the engine harness as I have learned that E's have very volatile wiring. Hopefully that is the running issue I have been having!
  9. Who thinks I should send dude that bought the car a link to this thread?!? that would be funny.
  10. ^I have used FCP for quite some time now when it comes to suspension bits. Their prices are good and they back their parts, well, forever. I put that to use once and it was painless. Also, don't buy URO parts. They are bad
  11. I always enjoy these updates! Especially as you get closer to finishing it! As for your last statement, it has been something I've been thinking about doing for awhile! Keep it coming, looks like you're real close!
  12. You can just call me out by name! I would think there is another one floating around, but maybe I'm wrong.
  13. I have one that is for a 3.5" MAF, and I also have the 3.5" MAF if you were looking to go a bit larger.
  14. Yeah I remembered to take the plate off, though I did almost forget lol