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  1. FK Streetline coilovers on M3

    I had Solowerks on my E90 before the current one. I preferred the Solowerks over the Bilstein's. The solowerks were a much more aggressive spring rate, but man did they make the car feel planted. The Bilstein's feel wobbly and do some weird stuff. Almost tempted to go back. so, +1 for solowerks
  2. E30 Picnic 2018

    I have high hopes of bringing an E30 to this!
  3. Lifted E30 V2

    Dropped the fuel pump off at the diesel shop today. I told him what was going on and he immediately had an assumption of what was wrong, and figured it was just an o -ring inside the pump. So that's cool to hear. I asked him to do what he needed to do to make it work, and test it, so that when I put it in the car I know it will work.
  4. the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    Everyone says this, but I ran an unsprung disc on a 11lb flywheel in my m52 setup with an aggressive clutch, and never had an issue. It engaged smooth, shifted smooth, and seemed just like normal. Not that all experiences will be the same, but just throwing that out there. In regard to the sheet metal carrier, I find them to be more of a pain to install / put motor in with them on, but other than that I can't determine a solid reason to remove it. Though I don't know if the shifter bushing is removable, and that would certainly be a reason to ditch it. The car is looking great!
  5. Diaries of a Daily Driver

    Well that's lame to hear lol. Imagine the YT content bruh, that VSRF content would bring them in droves. But for real, the quality video's of their exhaust is lacking heavily. Wanna hit em up for the deals?
  6. Diaries of a Daily Driver

    By reducing exhaust back pressure you will lessen the chance of exploiting a weak spot in the exhaust. Pressure is the resistance to flow Think of a thin spot in a garden hose, if you plug the end it will bulge at the thin spot (potentially burst), but if you let water flow out it will decrease the bulge and will be much less likely to burst there.
  7. Diaries of a Daily Driver

    Haha, so it was you! The 328 went to a friend, and I decided to live the twin turbo life. It's been a good life so far. Well I sure hope it was the other one! If it keeps chewing them up (jake mentioned it was typical) I may make the poor decision of putting a VSRF system on it..... That or MLS exhaust gaskets if I can find them. Thank you for using proper hardware on the downpipes btw
  8. ILC's E92 M3

    I poked one a tiny bit on my Mazda (with my finger) and it blew up in my face. That is one thing I wish to never have happen again.
  9. Diaries of a Daily Driver

    Oil changed at about 96,500 Exhaust had a pretty wicked leak at the front, so I ordered new downpipe gaskets. I think I see where it was leaking.... Much quieter up front with those replaced, and the cabin doesn't reek like exhaust. It's the little things. Front bumper lowers were pretty bad, and Jake ended up not putting these little extension guys on the 335 sedan before selling it, so I picked them up. I think they do a good job of covering beaten up bumper edges, and they don't look too shabby. The paint on them is quite fresh, so it looks a little bit off in terms of paint match in the photo, but it is much less noticeable in person. Rear hitch receiver was delivered Friday, so it's time to make this thing a bike taxi.
  10. Lifted E30 V2

    Oh, I also still had coolant leaking from the floor/frame rail. If it's the heater valve I may just roll the car outside and throw a match in it.
  11. M3 owner/broken BMW fixer

    Super late response on my part, but also super accurate response on your part!
  12. Lifted E30 V2

    So I was really hoping to post some sweet pictures of this thing out in the insane snow storm we got this weekend, but apparently that was too much to ask for. Got it running but something wasn't right, it would change revs on its own, there was a lot of air moving through the fuel system even though there was no air being pulled into the pump, and things in general were just being odd. at some point it was realized there was fuel dripping out of a banjo bolt that was open, as I believed it had been on the old one. I double checked for sanity and found that the old one indeed never had that port plugged or plumbed, as I thought it was a vent port. Well it is, and it should never have diesel seeping out there. Here is a nifty cutaway to show you what port. (10) That area shouldn't really have much fuel in it to begin with, and it certainly shouldn't have fuel on the underside of the boost compensation diaphragm. Pump is coming out and going to the diesel shop that did my injectors, along with the parts pile that is my old pump. I hope to sweet baby jesus that they can make the "new" one work with either purchased parts or ideally parts from my old pump. Can this just work please?
  13. M3 owner/broken BMW fixer

    Dude, I don't know about this one. BMW diesel life has been great for me so far. I would go as far as saying it has been the pinnacle of reliability and the easiest motor to find parts for.
  14. M3 owner/broken BMW fixer

    What's up Lee! I couldn't tell if it was you following me towards the mall the other day in an i3 from the house, but it just may have been! Glad to see you ended up getting one. Welcome to here (obligatory statement for all welcome posts)
  15. Lifted E30 V2

    There is also one of those laying around for it if the bro level is not over 9000.