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  1. Jalopnik had some fun with this.
  2. Sounds good. I've got a set of mounted snows for the daily and was thinking of just storing the race car on the daily's all seasons when when I switch over. But always exploring alternatives.
  3. If the bottle caps/tires are to be sold when you finally get rid of the shell let me know. I may need a setup to store the racecar on come winter.
  4. Pretty close to each other (I'm in New Berlin and he's in Wauwatosa), though I wont be around much this weekend. PM me with contact info and I can send some pics. You should arrange to buy much more from m42b32 since a Madison run for just an e30 ash tray isn't really worth it. If it is worth it congrats you've got it bad...and welcome to the addiction.
  5. 97 octane tune on the swapped ti?? Typo or crazy pump gas options in TX?
  6. Merl is typically a regular. Look for, and learn from, him. Can't miss an e28 running low 1:23 lap times!!!
  7. You should keep the cluster as garage wall art. My daily must be pushing the high 200s but I can't get the new odo gears to work-- been stuck at 234567 (yeah I know, figure that one out) since I bought it. If folks are looking for filler pieces and not resto-pretty I think I still have the ash trays front/rear and the e-brake console piece left over from the race car build. Rear ash tray has the slightly cracked lid but works, and the ebrake console has a few surface bubbles.
  8. Running/driving at 400k?? Impressed!!
  9. Some rust, esp right fender, and a few small things to sort out but some good bits on it and could be interesting: e36 328i, manual swapped, 133k, asking just under $4k. .
  10. Great Lakes Sports Car Club at the Milwaukee Mile, August 26-27. Little bit of everything: DE and high speed autox and an enduro race on Saturday; and regular wheel to wheel races on Sunday with six race groups.
  11. True, plus it's place to live in down by the river...
  12. Drove an 5.7l 2008 Tundra with 135k a few days ago, thing was huge compared to mine and had power to spare (specs at 0-60 in 6.3 sec???? crazy). But too much rust and other issues for $15.5k which was still $2-4k under other 08-09s. I'm finding that asking prices are high for even the 07+ Chevy/GMC gassers well into the 150-200k range in mileage. Price pull from the going rate of new trucks and cheap gas. Thinking plan B might be to keep the current vehicle since it's pretty well sorted and look for a different used unicorn, an enclosed 20' aluminum that weighs in at no more than around 2500 lbs dry weight, and selling in the $5k range. Like I said unicorn. All this falls into the category of "kinda want" rather than "need" so in no hurry.
  13. True that, though my navigator is getting a bit worn down by all of this. Today was a good day for 4wd truck.... just to get down my street.
  14. Round IV:
  15. I did try that and it does have some info. I liked the run down of all the TSBs. I also got in touch with TJ., thanks KaiserRolls.