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  1. yep that's the other piece. You should have an ABS light showing in your cluster unless the PO removed it, taped over it.
  2. Nice plastic slag. ABS sensor wire routes into the wheel well. PO disconnected it and left it next to the exhaust header?
  3. Nice car! I hope you picked it up for a less than EAG price.
  4. My first and last experience with a Sears jack was their low profile red aluminum jack. Had it for a couple of years a while back before seals started leaking. Turns out it was a common problem with that model and no repair kit. Harbor freight low profile aluminum has held up well.
  5. No doubt, though not hard enough to confuse "ideal world" with reality as noted in the first post. We all delusionally dream of recouping some small bit of sunk costs...even though it rarely if ever happens. Parting as too many of you guys know is a tradeoff between time/storage space and potential payout. Eventually the months pass, frustration level hits dealing with latest in the long line of Craigslist yahoos, storage unit bill comes due, family rebels, and it's firesale/dumpster time. By comparison if the right offer comes along for taking the whole thing, it's one and done. So if there are enough bits in the pics you like and/or if you have the time/space/patience and compliant (or no) family, drop me a line.
  6. Link to pictures below. First time I've had a chance to see these. Good testimonial for TC Kline roll bars! You can get a better view of things on a computer screen than on phone. Also has video clip of engine running.
  7. So anyone looking for a winter project / need a donor? Earlier this year at a DE at Autobahn in Joliet a friend of mine had an off incident (infamous T5 exit on the south course), spun across track, climbed a tire wall and rolled his e36 M3. Car roof rolled along the tire wall and landed on its feet but obviously with body damage. He's finally decided he has too many projects and rather than trying to use the car for (re)build wants to sell. He prefers to sell the whole car rather than part out. In an ideal world he'd like to get close to $4k but knows that's unlikely. Car is located in the Chicago area. Details: -1997 E36 M3 with 86,139 miles; rust free originally from North Carolina, bought it in 2005 with 68k, used since only as a DE/track car. Original ad from when he purchased the car -modifications include: TC Kline 4pt bolt-in roll bar; AC SChnitzer rear wing; Conforti CAI and shark chip; Group N springs and Korman revalved BIlsteins; Diffsonline 3.46 LSD; suspension bits (aluminum diff and subframe bushings, AKG spherical control arm brackets, RCABs), BImmerworld dual fuel pump kit, lightweight battery, Momo steering wheel and hub; splined quick release hub -spares include: BNIB front/rear rotors, BNIB pads (PFC Z rated fronts, OEM rears), OEM lolliops and bushings, transmission, junk diff, OEM steering wheel and airbag -car came came with Vaders but he is keeping these, and he is also keeping the race seat, belts/harnesses, and fire system Damage: -roof collapse to the roll bar; all body panels damaged (except trunk lid and gas filler door); AC Schnitzer rear wing grass stained and scuffed, rear adjustable control arms (one broken); front suspension is toed out (he's pretty sure that control arms/tie rods are bent); new axles at 83k but expects one was bent in the wreck; car is currently sitting on dollies with OEM e46 wheels and junk tires I should have pictures to add to the thread by this afternoon. If anyone is interested get in touch with me and I'll send along his contact info.
  8. Not long enough from what you're describing but kind of looks like part of the wiring for the ambient temp sensor (that fits in your driver's brake duct), or part of the horn harness but with the side clips broken off. Here is a horn pigtail: Have you traced the wire back through the firewall and under the dash?
  9. It looks familiar but I can't place it. What year is the car and how far does the cord reach?
  10. Agreed, though that sport seat is too mint looking for an iracing chair.
  11. Someone is cleaning house at $100 per set fronts and rears: If no love for comforts there's these uberkaro sport seats in Chicago, for $1800!!
  12. Thanks guys. Found one. Picked up a Korman rebuilt medium case 4.10 LSD in Chicago today from a friend of mine who used to race e30s a while back and was clearing out some clutter.
  13. Crack addled dreams or reading the perceived market. A bit of both. Part of it is the e30 M3 price inflation spillover. If e30 M3 prices are crazy at $40-90k than my non-m must be worth $$$. Some of it is scarcity of nonrusted/non beat up cars which leads to upward price pull on the rusted/beatup coupes and sedans, and over the past few years the trend has spilled over to the verts. First the clean ones and now the rusted/beat ones. Finally, there are folks willing to pay the inflated prices. You really want crack addiction versus market dynamics look at the prices of used trucks. No e30 style allure but with the new 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton pickups going for $40-90k that leads sellers of rusted rocker beat up 10+ year old trucks with 175k+ mileage to ask over $15k (or over 200k and 15 years old to ask over $10k, or just go full bore stupid pricing if selling a diesel with up to 300k; or roll out the salvage titles for the same price range) and know they stand a good chance of getting it. Rant over...
  14. Between bobistheoilguy and assorted oil threads on bmw forums this is path down a deep deep rabbit hole. Take the recommendations here and if you have or just to ease concerns do periodic Blackstone Labs oil analyses to make sure all is well.
  15. Same here. OK granted it's been a while since I last bought a Carfax package but now $39.99 a pop and six for $99??? Autocheck has multiple reports for $49 but have to be used in 21 days. Snap, rebranding headlights is small time. WIBimmers needs to go into the VIN check business.