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  1. WTB/WTT: e30 4.10 or 4.27 LSD

    Hah! Not even on the track yet with the new toy.... I'd recommend keeping the 3.73 for future NASA use unless this is a spare.
  2. Any recommendations on an oil pressure switch for an M42 (1991 318is)? Choices at FCP Euro range from BMW at around $19 to FAE and Rein for around $5. BMW tends to be the rule for a CPS. Not sure what the verdict is on an oil pressure switch. I noticed some oil pooling on the block in the nook under the oil pressure switch. I already replaced the oil filter housing gasket and o-ring a few years ago so suspect a leak at the pressure switch. Though it's also a little wet on the block under the forward intake runner and on the wire running down to the switch. Could be just oil blowing around or something more.
  3. chit chat thread

    Emergency appendectomy is no fun. Been there and done that. Hope yours was caught before it burst. Mine thankfully was. If my attack had hit two days prior either I would have been overseas in the Balkans and several hours and a truck bed ride to the nearest doc, or in an airplane somewhere over the Atlantic. In short, Gary isn't great but as far as locations go for surgery things could have been much much worse. Glad to hear you're OK!
  4. chit chat thread

    Getting ready... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKqXu-5jw60
  5. Nice!! I've been reading the GRM magazine stories on ramp trucks with interest. This one though could use a longer bed since the e30 itself is 175" (14.58') long.
  6. Wasn't this one up for sale a while back? I remember the "clone" and the TVs in the ad.
  7. Steelblue E36 Build Thread

    This. I was under the illusion that BBB rating was an earned honor until I set up a small business a number of years ago, was contacted by BBB with an offer to join and found out that I had to pay to play. I said no thank you. The racket, brilliant by the way, is that the public perception of a A+ BBB rating as an unbiased source / seal of approval can pressure businesses to pay up to be able to use that seal in their advertising especially if their competitors are doing the same. Now the less cynical view, and the narrow BBB material self-interest point aside for the moment, would be that ideally by placing themselves in a condition of "rhetorical capture" through the act of joining the BBB businesses have an incentive to engage in and maintain good behavior when dealing with customers. And everyone is the better for it. But to really make this work the BBB should be upfront about its ratings operation. Ultimately though as patsbimmer said the business's choice on how to respond to BBB complaints is a different deal. The BBB has already gotten their cut, the business is now locked into the rating scam, and it is left to the business to figure out what complaints to prioritize if at all. As an unhappy customer, filing a BBB complaint will not lead to anything magical.
  8. Per ad needs brakes...might go but stopping could be fun.
  9. chit chat thread

  10. Awesome car videos!

    Snap, I know you told me about this after you left but wow....wow. Watch your back buddy and hide your keys!!
  11. chit chat thread

    This is a tough one. Folks have been watching too many car shows where an asking price means little, there is an immediate jump to "what's the lowest you'll take", and then that becomes the starting point to push the price down further with more emails or texts. All of this takes place before the buyer shows up. I usually list a price obo but do no further negotiation unless the buyer shows up in person....and ignore the rants in the meantime. The WI Bimmer group and enthusiasts in general spoil us since we have the sense that we're dealing with folks who care about the model /brand /activity and by extension are likely to be reasonable and honest people to deal with. Of course this doesn't help when we're trying to sell a nonenthusiast item to a broader market. No shows are a pain and I'm sorry to hear you got stuck. On the plus side, your ride didn't get stolen and you didn't get shot. Too many instances these days of a buyer showing up with a "friend" who drove him there and the buyer gets in in your ride and both take off. The getting shot can happen in a variation of the above or when you show up to purchase. A student of mine had a family member killed and ripped off in MI last year when he showed up to sell a car. So we follow the advice to meet in a neutral location or meet at a police station's "Safe Exchange Zone" but still stupid things happen there as well. No answers, disappointed as well, and agree on the snowplow. A friend of mine was snagged by a passing plow truck blade when getting into his parked car. Smacked him pretty good. Lucky he was a big guy or he would of been done for.
  12. ^^^^That x3. So why get that close/far along in the build and then walk away? Out of time, $$$, family push back, come to senses that something is horribly wrong and better to walk away before it grenades, or.... ?
  13. the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    There was a buzz for a while in the E30 racing community about switching from the Girling fronts to the ATE fronts with the brass bushings but this is low on the mod scale say compared to brake ducting kits. The advantage was supposedly better braking due to even pad wear throughout the life of the pad rather than the tapering which can happen with the Girling's rubber bushings in heavy track use. Not really worth the cost or the additional maintenance like KaiserRolls noted. Like Snap said put your money elsewhere. Good indication of current interest is that there's a guy on R3V that's been trying to sell the ATE caliper/bushing combo for over a year with multiple price drops and no takers. Rebuild kits for calipers are cheap and the rebuild process is not hard if all the metal bits are in good shape, no stuck broken bleeders etc. Like P_Roloff I've also had good luck with remanufactured Centric rear calipers. I got my rebuilt rear ATEs from ECS Tuning.