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  1. I had a pair of FIAMM freeway blasters (130db each, one low note, one high) on the Miata, and it turns out the PO put the same in the 318is. They've come in handy more than a few times when SUV drivers decided to try merging into the space I was occupying.
  2. The company FCPEuro used to focus on Uro heavy parts offerings and while their selection was low cost they paid a price in customer dissatisfaction and poor reputation. A few years ago they turned things around by improving their customer service and especially by offering better quality parts (BMW and the reputable OEM) at good prices and with lifetime replacement on everything they sell even wear items (including rotors, pads, filters, etc). This is returns / replacement with no questions asked even if the parts are used for racing.
  3. Sanding down the bolt head for added clearance...nicely done!
  4. Here's the back half of your dream rig for only $'s a start.
  5. Looking good! I get the work in the basement logic (though maybe not spray painting next to a water heater) but thinking of my own basement and its steep staircase I'm curious as to how the completed engine gets out of the basement to garage? Open door access to outside, you bench press/dead lift engine blocks on a regular basis, draft friends to help carry, or you have one of those little elevator seats you ride up the stairs?
  6. Indeed. Hey, you got rid of one car with mad part-out skills...
  7. I like the estimated retail at $90k... if the car gets totally redone, and redone right, not far off the mark the way prices for these have been going. Hagerty is chalked on the windshield, I wonder what the stated value payout was?
  8. Pegasus has it as well. Different diameters (ranging from 1/8" - 1" ) and you buy it by the foot. Self wrapping split braided sleeve.
  9. The wrap is good stuff. I used it for the racecar build after gutting the interior.
  10. Badger Bimmers OctoberFAST HPDE at Road America this weekend. I see a few familiar names on the entry list. Who else is in?
  11. I tried to sneak a glance while on the track heading from T7 to T8. Looked like a good crowd.
  12. These look like Borbet Type H, strong wheel but heavy. Maybe 21 lbs in a 15x7?? Good for snow tires / winter hooning / potential curb smacking, etc If the seller is correct on the offset of +35 then you'll probably need spacers to fit on a regular e30 to get it closer to +25 for a 15x7 fitment. Should work on an ix though without spacers.
  13. If anyone is interested in taking the Spec E30 plunge, I know of three well prepped cars for sale in the Midwest area. No ads posted yet so I don't have details but I can put you in touch with the sellers.
  14. I've seen the car in paddock and on track. This is a good deal for a GTS2 prepped car with all the parts included. General advice is buy your first and build your second. It gets you racing quicker and by that time you have a better sense if you're going to be all in and in what series. Doesn't always work that way and some folks build their first and some get stuck mid project. Life intrudes and projects get sold. Building to SCCA or NASA class versus building for chump, lemons etc also have different demands and price points. For those looking to buy a built car for NASA a well prepped clean SE30 runs in the $10-14k range. A car with GTS2 level prep like this swapped one or built on an e36m3 chassis moves you up the price brackets. Mid-$20k and higher... So yes pretty wild what folks might shell out for a built race car. Hits you all at once in this case versus the frog in slowly boiling water build your own experience. Either way you're still smiling as you get "cooked"... [emoji12]