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  1. Let me know if you need any assistance, i have time to spare.
  2. the seats are currently the worst part of the car. I plan on attempting to reupholster them myself. still trying to decide on fabric/color combos
  3. looks good to me
  4. ah i guess the site isnt even vb anymore
  5. Well yes, as a very active vbulletin mod developer in the past im aware of its extensive history in being exploited and as a senior software engineer that focuses on web development im well aware an improperly set up server may have plenty of other vulnerabilities that may or may not give access to hopefully hashed and hopefully even more so salted password values in the database (pretty sure newer versions of vb require the salt but its been awhile for me) but why are any of these valid reasons to downplay the fact that you are broadcasting sensitive data in plain text its the most basic thing to fixed (and no doubt it will im sure, im not arguing that) but its also probably the most important. this conversation is silly.
  6. I believe they are available for free here.
  7. I couldn't disagree more. any website with a password field should be secure no matter the excuse.
  8. couldn't give you any pics but i have like a 4 inch stack of receipts which is nice. but i couldnt find a single bit on this car thats bronzit. po of the po was a bodyshop dude, knew wat he was doing (besides painting all the bumper trim, interior bits and door handles red) apparently he traded a friend of his who did stereo installs a paint job, so i have 2 17" woofers, 2 rockford fosgate 1000w amps, and dual batteries with a custom leather large bmw logo trunk logo floormat with custom battery box in the back thank god po of the po knew wat he was doing more than the po (no offense po if you see this) ps car is currently 'viper red' if anyone is curious
  9. i forgot to write the basics about the car too, used to be bronziet, its a 89 325is
  10. if you host your website on amazon aws, they offer ssl certs for free
  11. no poor things been sitting in a storage unit. every so often my dad drives it around the block
  12. rent is killer, not sure on the other part
  13. Hi, I moved to San Francisco awhile back that's why you don't hear from me much I bought a 127k mileage e30 and have been working on fixing it up just gave it a wash today and figured id post some pics. Clean left, dirty right (parking garages suck!)
  14. I posted this in r3v too, you guys really need to install an SSL cert on this site, its not really ok to have any login in a non secured website in this day and age.
  15. for the record he only helped me on my turbo eclipse his e30 isnt boosted yet we will see how many years it will take him.