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  1. I'm debating whether or not to go. My rain jacket isn't very fashionable. perhaps lurker lot.
  2. Call me crazy, but this doesn't seem very far from completion. Is there anything complicated or unknown remaining?
  3. Your price doesn't sound crazy considering the items you mentioned, assuming the interior and exterior are in good shape. V70R prices are pretty ridiculous, especially in comparison to S60Rs which are now dirt cheap. I'd love to buy one, but I just can't get past the heavy tax you pay for the wagon.
  4. How much are you selling it for?
  5. I know the guy that put that car together. He used to be active on the RWD Volvo forum and I met him when I went out to Portland a couple years back. Super down to earth, really talented and has built a number of very nice trucks and RWD volvos in his garage.
  6. Saw it this weekend. Looked good on the new wheels!
  7. Not sure what modes of communication you're using, but I've always had luck reaching him on Facebook Messenger.
  8. I've been toying around with the idea of ditching my Volvo and picking up a clownshoe. It ticks the weird+cool scale all the way up at the top.
  9. Are we there yet?
  10. That 2002 is pretty awesome aside from the tire paint. The want is strong.
  11. Good luck. If the helicoils give you trouble, keenserts (or timeserts) will be there for you. I had about 50% success rate with helicoils in the same application (aluminum head, low torque fasteners to secure the cams) before being shown the light by a friend.
  12. Helicoils are garbage. Get some keenserts from McMaster! says the guy who had to use them too many times on his all aluminum engine.
  13. I took the Lake Express from Milwaukee to Muskegon about a month ago in my stock 2006 330i sport with a full trunk of luggage. I had a light high-center scrape underneath the car while getting off and on again in Muskegon. I pulled straight on--with a stock ride height car I assumed there wouldn't be a need for stancelyfe maneuvers.