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  1. That 2002 is pretty awesome aside from the tire paint. The want is strong.
  2. Good luck. If the helicoils give you trouble, keenserts (or timeserts) will be there for you. I had about 50% success rate with helicoils in the same application (aluminum head, low torque fasteners to secure the cams) before being shown the light by a friend.
  3. Helicoils are garbage. Get some keenserts from McMaster! says the guy who had to use them too many times on his all aluminum engine.
  4. I took the Lake Express from Milwaukee to Muskegon about a month ago in my stock 2006 330i sport with a full trunk of luggage. I had a light high-center scrape underneath the car while getting off and on again in Muskegon. I pulled straight on--with a stock ride height car I assumed there wouldn't be a need for stancelyfe maneuvers.
  5. almost looks like the flange might be upside down on that manifold (which is exactly the problem with some ebay volvo manifolds too)
  6. Tasteful M3 replica at the Tosa village Pick n Save.
  7. Isn't that the one on craigslist for ~$1500? nevermind, $2900 obo:
  8. Should've told me sooner. I would have given it to you.
  9. Sold
  10. Price drop to $3800. I'm buying a house so I'm getting more eager to get rid of this.
  11. Try oven cleaner if you haven't already!
  12. Hey Wojtek! Good to see you on here.
  13. Thanks! I'd love any recommendations on experiences with various E9x suspension options. I'm considering going with the m3 control arms and other linkages while replacing things. Not so sure about shocks and struts at this point. Possibly just new sport units.
  14. Step 1: Did a little clean up on the faded headlight lenses. Wetsanded with 600 grit Wetsanded with 1500 grit Meguiars ultra cut compound with the Harbor Freight DA Harken Team McLube hull coat (for boats) with UV protectant