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  1. Madison - 1988 E30 325i Convertible - Thread

    6 series are too elitist for us, pssh. he will be too busy being in rap videos and having a valet park the car while he hits the links.
  2. Hello. My name is Dan, and today we are fixing stuff

    F* me, $40 to put together the two new plugs for the washer pump and level sensor... anyone have these connectors lying around??
  3. Madison - 1988 E30 325i Convertible - Thread

    ok now we HAVE to have a white only e30 meet. er, white e30 only, meet. 6 of us now, i think. no blacks, brian.
  4. What is your ideal build?

    extra highway MPGs will pay for the ~$1500 cost of the 6sp swap. rough guess says it will take you 60,000miles....worth it!
  5. Going to Road America?

    yeah, definitely want to reserve a camp site! checking summer plans...
  6. Transport Services - Gigi Line Inc

    thanks for sharing! it certainly cost me $800 in gas, flight, and hotels to get a purchased car from the west coast to WI, so this would be worth it.
  7. Stock Radio CLUSTER F***

    i've attached a photo showing the wires on the back of the CM5908 referenced below. its seems like general internet consensus is that mystery two prong plug is not needed. see '??' in attached photo. backlight wire should be the white wire in the 2-pin plug that has yellow and white wires. see 'IL' in attached photo. the white wire for the antenna power: there should be a prong near the top right corner (f you are looking at the back of the radio)where this would plug into. see 'PA' in attached photo. is the amp gone, like the wires are hanging around and its been removed, or it was never there? see my attached diagram for explanation of the wire loops. it shows a wire being connected to two pins of the the same connector. the etm diagrams are certainly another language until you have used them a few times to figure out wiring.
  8. this is all you need in a car! who cares if your sitting in filth or you can't stop it once its going. those are just minor details. that thing is a pile.
  9. What is your ideal build?

    supercharger better brakes big ass stock pile of replacement drivetrain parts/tires so i can drive the pants off it with no worry. i would be so happy.
  10. Stock Radio CLUSTER F***

    do you have the speaker wires from the back of the radio matched to the 8-pin plug per the etm diagram? there are supposed to be two looped wires on that connector, per the diagram. A yellow/red loops from pin 3 to 4 and a blue/red wire loops from pins 6 to 7. That connector should also have 4 wires vanishing off into the dash headed to the amp. yellow/black, yellow/red, blue/black, blue/red did you look for your amp yet? you could run a temp. wire from the head unit outputs directly to each speaker to test the outputs of the radio/speakers. what color are the two wires from that 2-pin connector? your phone pics are sized for ants. maybe its powering up a 6-CD changer, i believe this radio was capable of connecting to one. is that white wire the power wire for the antenna, or is that accounted for already?
  11. 1999 M3 daily driver running log

    did the bleeder screw make bleeding easier? or did you still have to jack the car up/massage hoses/do a rain dance?
  12. M3 owner/broken BMW fixer

    welcome! more info on your past e30?
  13. Stock Radio CLUSTER F***

    ok so i looked at the 1990 etm, looks like your car wouldnt have had the dash fader. that plug should be the c243 plug that the speaker wires go to, so looks like you have what you need. i put some notes on the pages for you. if you have power, youre only worried about the speaker wires. if you get everything hooked up and it still doesnt work, don't forget the speakers could be dead or the radio itself.
  14. 1999 M3 daily driver running log

    hmm, i bought the aluminum one, but MTC brand. hope its ok! Can you share where the leak was from? (integrated gasket or at hoses)