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  1. chit chat thread

    you can die when you sneeze, so, the fact that you lived I think warrants something. Can we change it to: 'lucky bastard' ?
  2. Chapter GMW | E30 LS1 (starting on post #1427)

    glad i'm not the only one who's frame rail looks disregarded those new lines are oh so tidy. *thumbsup
  3. 2.1 high boost m10

    boost advice from this forum?
  4. Official Sighting Thread

    'YAARRK': the sound you make when throwing up at the sight of this car.
  5. Lifted E30 V2

    those oversized vintage-styled wheels on the cobra are fricken amazing.
  6. M52 Swap Time

    it'll be fun! you'll have a working, reliable e30. that's pretty much all you need for a happy life. a family is cool, too, I guess. and beer. don't forget the beer.
  7. Ice rally X

    registered for poygan this weekend.
  8. Ice rally X

    can anyone confirm if fox valley brings loaner helmets to their events? want to bring a passenger on the 21st who doesnt have helmet.
  9. BMW re-taking worlds longest drift record

    still ugly.
  10. the one and only e30 s52 engine swap

    pros: color choices lightweight synthetic material so better stain resistance cheap, relative to new OEM carpet cons: fit is not great takes a bit of effort to install more cabin noise than stock basically, if your carpet could be R&R'd back to good condition, I wouldnt bother with an aftermarket replacement. mine was ripped and smelled awful from water intrusion.
  11. Recent pc build.

    almost forget to post mine. this was my christmas present to myself this year. got good deals around the holidays, so I probably built the system for about $300 less than normal prices. Rekpoint gave some good advise to help me since it was my first time. i had a general understanding of computers (i've replaced individual components, installed windows from scratch, etc) so it was straightforward. Phanteks Eclipse 400S case ASRock z270 MB Core i5 7600k, OC'd to 4.4 Samsung evo 500gb SSD 16GB 3000mhz RAM GeForce 1050ti GPU, OC'd some amount Cooler Master 240mm AIO I don't really care about the LED lighting, but it all came with the case/MB so there it is. The weak point is the GPU, because I couldn't bring myself to spend $400-600 for a better one. The radiator is pulling fresh air from the front of the case. Some research showed that with open air GPUs, this is the best setup for keeping case temps lower.
  12. About time!

    nice, a circle driveway for WCEC drift events congrats you two!
  13. WTB 8 series roller 95 and older

    an LS e31? where do i sign up?
  14. tapatalk? like spanish cuisine? are you ESL?
  15. Ice rally X

    this cold snap is absurd, but should set us up for the winter as far as ice goes. it will be nice is Sinnisippi stays frozen since that is so much closer to MKE