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  2. I ran across this if it's of any help or if you change your mind:
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  4. I bet those cams look beautiful after that oil cap has been missing for a while...
  6. I think that's a really fair point, but hard to say for sure until you get to drive it. The leaked specs from a while ago suggested this generation actually lost some weight (or is staying pretty close after the awd system) because of the newer lighter chasis, and with the rwd only mode it could be loads of fun. To me, the idea of it getting softer comes from the pursuit of no compromise, which is way up there on the reasons I love BMW. Any monkey with a wrench can make a bad car go fast, but BMW makes wonderful cars go fast. As they get better at doing so, going fast becomes easier for the engineers and the drivers, and you're left with something easy to drive. A fantastic achievement but perhaps a boring experience. Personally I think I can look past all that and respect the car for what it is; Unique with the awd system, nice to look at, and ridiculously fast for its size.
  7. The 330 sold for $8500 with both sets of wheels. Other than the stock set of tires being worth more than I thought, I think I made out okay. And thanks! I'm excited to pick it up next week hopefully. I still want to see yours again, hopefully you get it running again soon.
  8. Cheap M3 vert for parts:
  9. Finally got the crush washers after they got lost in shipping twice. I went to torque the oil rail down and the online specs said 11-13NM. I set my torque wrench to 11.5 but man that felt too tight so I went by feel. I know that rail is delicate, and the crush washers formed to the tube like they were before, so I am not worried about getting it any tighter. I also used some loctite as recommended so they wont back out. I bolted everything back together and it looks a ton better with everything freshly painted. I also got a new roundel for up front and this afternoon I am meeting a guy with new headlights, grills, kidneys, side markers, gaskets, and hardware. I was really hoping he had a valance but he said he just sold his along with front and rear euro bumpers. DRATS!!
  10. What'd you end up selling yours for? Welcome to the dark side!
  11. Nvm he sold them
  12. Pintle caps, orings, and filters came for the injectors. Didnt get around to cleaning, and testing the injectors though. What I did do, is remove the throttlebody and spacer and strip the manifold for paint. I only took two pictures as I spend the rest of the time beating the shit out of the TB with a dead blow to get it off. I have never has such a hard time removing a TB in my life. I also installed the valve covers and gaskets along with the coolant pipe for the heater core. This resulted in me doing some research about coolant flow and early E36 heater cores because I currently am not getting heat in the cabin. I found my problem as the water pump lines were looped and I just reinstalled them that way when I did the h2o pump when I got the car. I highlighted what they should be:
  13. Interesting. I actually think BMW is still way behind the curve on overall interior design compared to competitors, and I do agree with Chris that this is still reminiscent of the F10 which wasn't a horrible looking car on the outside. I'd take an E63 AMG wagon over an F90 all day long, though. It doesn't matter how much power BMW left on the table with the past use of the S63 - the odds are still in favor of Mercedes having the faster car, historically speaking. In the past, the M5 was the car you bought if you want something that can go 200 mph and be comfortable, but still have some attention to the road. AMG was the 200 mph and more luxurious with a stronger motor, but far less "driver-centric". As far as anyone with a brain can see, BMW is shifting the discussion away from driving experience and over to clinical results. IMO the M5 struggles with its identity just like the M3/M4. The lines have blurred enormously across competitors. For many years these cars used to represent a specific staple and they were "it". They defined the idea of "perfect balance" of a car that had luxury, could handle well, and still be modestly fast. Look at all the cars these days that make the M4 look stupid. There are fewer competitors in the M5 level of car to compare against, but judging by the rest of BMW's higher end lineup results when compared with other manufacturers, the reviews haven't been stellar. They are lagging and I feel like with the specs on this new M5, they are chasing approval ratings rather than just focusing on what made M great to begin with and letting that speak for itself, which would undeniably bring a greater win.
  14. Dude wrote that whole novel for a $1500 car. "no projects please" lol
  15. I'll make a new post when I pick this car up lol
  16. Guys, it's not even DCT, it's a steptronic trans. True automatic with a torque converter and all. That's stupid. The bespoke engine thing doesn't bother me as much as they proved they can make a great M car without using a bespoke engine in the 1M. The S63 was a great engine in the F10 and will continue to be a great engine in the F90 and we know they left gobs of power on the table when they put it in the F10. The drivetrain seems like a good idea but i'll be interested to hear how it feels. The M5 keeps getting heavier and faster but it was never meant to be a hardcore racer. It's an executive sedan. It was made to have really nice materials, cutting edge technology and a badass engine to impress your country club friends with. I don't think the F90 is a particularly bad looking car, they definitely furthered the design language that started in the F10. If I had $150k to go spend on a daily driver this would be a serious contender. Shut up with your electric car talk you robot loving asshole!
  18. Welcome!
  19. This has got to be the longest introduction thread ever.
  20. For the price/size/performance Id rather have a Tesla
  21. Meh......headlights touch the grilles. I'm out.
  22. Typical teenager
  23. Fine, but this is all you get for now
  24. Pics or didn't happen
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