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  2. The Duke of Earl's Del Sol Pre-cruise stop at Jason's shop. This would have been a cool shot if you could see the hills and miles of colorful trees... Represent! Still beautiful out there even with the rain. It cleared up a little on my home so I found some color.
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  4. I was going to if no one local had one. Note taken
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  6. I'd say there's a difference between driven hard and abused. I drive the shit out of my car but I wouldn't say it gets abused. There's a certain level of care that has to go above and beyond what's normal if you're going to drive a car hard.
  7. I sorta know him, I was going to buy his white E92 when I was on the hunt for a 335. He told me his dad owns a truck shop of some kind, I can look up that conversation if you want/need, and that he does all his own work out of that shop. Edit: Just looked, the shop is called Toys for Trucks I'd be curious to know how long ago that car was junked, because he just recently sold the white one I was going to buy, just before I sold my 330. Good luck finding out more, hopefully the engine is sound. I want to see your car running (and I need your spare parts).
  8. Update: sorry, it cracked when I looked at it. Dont buy Uro parts
  9. Wouldn't it be safe to say that any modded n54/n55 has been driven hard? Lol I mean, why add power to not use it
  10. I have a brand new URO brand
  11. Someone has to have one laying around, doesn't need to be anything special as long as they dont have cracks/rips.
  12. I had a pair of FIAMM freeway blasters (130db each, one low note, one high) on the Miata, and it turns out the PO put the same in the 318is. They've come in handy more than a few times when SUV drivers decided to try merging into the space I was occupying.
  13. Train horn would be quite sweet though
  14. So this morning while driving my e30 to work I had an encounter with an idiot in an Altima who decided it was a good idea to not look or signal at all, swing aggressively across 3 lanes, attempt to occupy the same spot that I was currently occupying, and run me completely onto the median. Luckily for me, there was no curb or obstacles in the median and I was able to straddle a monster pot hole instead of running into it. The idiot behind the wheel clearly did not hear my stock horn as he came flying into into my lane, so I am now adding "loudest horn I can find" to my project list this winter.... I don't want the complication of an air/train horn, so I was looking at the Hella sharptones or something along those lines. I was under the impression that these aren't as high pitched as the supertones but aren't far off as far as sound levels. Anyone have any experience with these or have any recommendations/other options? Are these options actually any louder than the OEM horns? Hella catalog for reference: Supertones: 118dB Sharptones: 115dB
  15. Way to creep!
  16. Good deal, they should be plenty good for hooning to work an back! Everyone thinks I will have a terrible time in my "little car with RWD" When I always made it in the Maxima + Blizzaks before even when pushing snow with the bumper, and the guys with 4wd trucks are late...
  17. LOL i missed this. nope, definitely didn't see them.
  18. ROFL @ your plate There were 7 BMWs, 2 Hondas and about 12 people in all. Quite a bit smaller than some of the other fall meets.
  19. That. Post again on halloween
  20. Ya... Boo on the weather this weekend, and the Packer game results. I'm pretty sure I have an early cold coming on after standing out in this crap all weekend. Boooo. Sounds like the Ride went as well as could be expected with the weather. Did you guys end up with reasonable turnout? Hope to make whatever the next event is.....
  21. That facebook post is certainly scary!
  22. You mean like a certain black 1 series? Kidding, I'm just being a dick. Hope you get the engine thing sorted out.
  23. Obviously I'll keep this thread up-to-date with whatever I end up figuring out. The cars are worth a lot more when they have a good running engine
  24. Why didn't you just pull one of the engines out of the 7 BMW's you sold over the last 3 days? One should have been good
  25. A+ sleuthing indeed. I wouldn't even want to find out that a lawnmower engine I bought was bad after spending 15 minutes swapping it. Let alone an N54 that you may have thrown a ton of "while your in there" parts on. scary stuff.
  26. Another great one! Worth the nearly 7 months of waiting.
  27. Nice sleuthing. At least you found out these things before you spent a lot of time swapping it in...
  28. Another +1 from me. I had an awesome time. Like others said: huge thanks to Brian for putting this together and to Jason for hosting us at the start! Looking forward to seeing pics since I didn't take a single one all weekend
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