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  2. UPDATE Welding has been completed on the bay. All of the holes that I wanted to have filled to be shaved are completed as well as the stitch welding on the under sides of the frame rails. Next up is some more grinding then filler, sanding and paint! My wiring supplies came in as well and I am super happy with the way things are turning out. Got both of the harnesses finalized where they exit the cabin of the car and are routed up though the fender frames. I learned alot about wiring and my work developed alot over the years that I was building my civic, if there is one thing I learned its do it right the first time (I redid the wiring on my hatch 4 times before I was close to happy with it). So with that being said I am going into this car with every bit of knowledge I have and doing everything right the first time. All of the wiring is wrapped in flame resistant tech-flex and the harness connections are Deutsch plugs as well. Here is the passenger side connections. And on the driver side I was able to use just one 12 pin bulkhead style connector. And I was also able to figure out the routing and set up for the heater valve wiring. This car will still have a heater core and heat, because I enjoy driving in fall with the windows down and the heat on haha. That's it for now. Grinding, filler and sanding will hopefully start this week. Then once the bay is near ready (or i get sick of not feeling my fingers) I will be continuing the wire tuck with routing to all of the components on the front end.
  3. Figure out how to mount a smoke stack. Once you do that you can roll coal like a REAL TurBRO Trucker.
  4. Dude this thing is fucking sick.
  5. Motor is no longer in the basement! So the shop is now ready to go for the winter project. I decided that its time the motor comes out of the basement before it gains any more weight. No plan was made prior to this attempt. Simply called a friend up telling him I needed a hand with something for 10 minutes. Half hour later he showed up and we carried the thing right up the stairs. Now I'm not gonna say it was a piece of cake cause it honestly wasn't. It was still very heavy and trying to handle it while walking up the stairs backwards was as bad as it sounds. All I can say is that I'm really REALLY glad that the head was not on that thing. Not sure we would have gotten it up the stairs if it had been. As for the cylinder head, I talked with my machinist and he has been swamped with work lately and was confident that he was gonna get my head done by the end of this week so we will see. Brought the car over this last Friday! \\ Saturday I had other items to attend to but luckily I got all that stuff finished and out of the way. This morning had a tasty breakfast and headed on over to the shop to begin tear down... Got a pretty decent chunk of stuff done today. Almost have everything on the motor disconnected from the car except for the A/C lines and shifter linkages from the transmission underneath. I would have been able to get to the A/C today but the system still has refrigerant in it. I did talk to one of my buddy's dad on the phone today who's in HVAC and he's gonna find out tomorrow if they have a refrigerant recovery system around their shop and get back to me. As for everything else, the car seems to be looking good so far. Everything except for this... \ Had to disconnect the ecu from the engine harness so Idiot me decided that I would remove the hangers from the glove box before disconnecting it from the hinge in the back. Well, when I did the box hit the floor and I heard a snap as it completely broke of the hinge. Looks like I'll be looking for another glove box.
  6. This is amazing lol. I have many reasons to not leave the exhaust as is, but it is hilarious and awesome to watch.
  7. I hope the exhaust is staying the way it is Sent from my SM-G930R4 using Tapatalk
  8. I probably have some. Let me dig through my piles tomorrow Sent from my SM-G930R4 using Tapatalk
  9. Yup! E36 sedan boston green panels.
  10. Sent mine out to it's new owner today. Hope they like it! Sent from my SM-G930R4 using Tapatalk
  11. So this finally happened! My radiator hoses are not great, they are spliced together out of two different hoses both top and bottom. I also don't have power steering yet because the mounting stuff is different, but driving it without power steering is surprisingly okay. So I need to figure out what I want to do there. I'll also probably order the real radiator hoses, and need to get a late model expansion tank in the car because the current one is sketchy at best! The clutch is also slightly odd, it was an e46 setup, and I'm not quite sure what's going on. In short, it's got kinks yet, but I got to do fun stuff.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Thanks! Just wait till the update from this weekend 😁
  14. Good to know its not just me. I dont have a lot of faith inn the remaining 5 as a resulr
  15. I've heard bremi coil packs and be dues from the factory, glad it's getting sorted out.
  16. ISO: Boston green side skirts, bumpers, etc
  17. Yep, same day.
  18. Hey all! Well I got a lot done today last night. Forgot to take a lot of photos, but I got a few little pics. I fixed my windshield wiper stalk!! Whole new assembly in there, and its working great. There is the new thermostat housing, and there's a new thermostat in there. It is running great now and up to temp, perfect for winter drifts.
  19. I want to buy some good use coils. 1, 2, 6, whatever quantity you have. Id like some spares.
  20. Last week
  21. Chapter 15: The wild goose chase Kaiser is a good guy. He sent his ECU for me to try out. After plugging it in I expected to fire it up and hear all 6 cylinders running. But it still ran on 4. The last piece of the puzzle is the injectors. The misfire was on cyl 2 and 3 so i moved those injectors to 1 and 4 and sure enough the misfire followed. I felt a bit ripped off since back in july when i bought the engine the y were working fine and they were cleaned and tested by a reputable injector shop. I pulled the bad injectors out as well as 1 known good one for reference I checked the resistance. All were good at approximately 14 ohms. So i connected the injectors to a 12v power supply (jumper box) and checked for solenoid clicking. The good injector clicked, one of the “bad” injectors did not. I kept applying voltage and it suddenly started clicking. All 6 injectors were now clicking when manually applying power to them. So I put the injectors back in and expected to fire it up and hear all 6 cylinders. Nope. BUT WE UPGRADED TO RUNNING ON 5 CYLINDERS So i checked the remaining “bad” injector. Hmm it isnt bad at all. It ends up being a bad coilpack moving it to other cylinders as well as a resistance test confirmed it. 40 ohms on the outer 2 pins (should be Now in hindsight it appears I had one stuck injector and 1 bad coil. The injector is now unstuck and all 6 are working. I just need to replace the coil and I should be in business 5 out of 6 aint bad
  22. Just got the gift in the mail today. Going to send it out Monday. I'm little bit jelous I love it alot. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  23. Good times I believe this was the same day.... Alex being super helpful.
  24. That would be nice, the e36 has a different style bracket to do the same thing. It looks as though the bean counters saved a few pennies. It's not bolted on, just snaps into a part welded to the bottom of the tunnel.
  25. Job situation is still undecided. I have something lined up in Appleton but my wife also lost her job in the same deal and already got a new one in LaCrosse. So we'll see how things line up, ideally we move to Appleton next February and she can work remote for the new company if things work out.
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